Stag Technologies is a high performance coatings manufacturer that specializes in 100% solids products with ZERO VOCs. We offer a full line of products to handle all water and water-waste infrastructure rehabilitation. Stag leads the industry in new technologies in epoxy coating and application. Our in-house formulators give us the cutting edge formulation. Stag’s epoxy and urethane formulating experience spans decades. As we set industry standards, new projects are always in various levels of research and development. We will continue to exceed the toughest specs in the market. Bringing coatings that are friendly to the environment is the goal of Stag.

Our products are ZERO VOC and 100% solids. This means that in the application process no harmful solvents are released into the atmosphere. Our products will not leach out any chemical into the water system. We also protect the ground water repairing damage to the infrastructure.